Mr. David C.M. Chang

Director, Corporate Development & Partnership

David CM Chang is the Director of Corporate Development and Partnerships at HTC. During the hyper mobile era, he leads a team at HTC HQ to develop businesses with partners in various industries.

Partnering with global payment schemes, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, China Union Pay, and acquire banks, David leads mobile loyalty projects for major merchants and region issuer banks.

As an active CCC (Car Communication Consortium) member, David led a working group to set up certification for all new telematics applications, and closely work with top tier Japan and German automotive partners, such as Toyota, Nissan, Volkswagen, Audi, to develop a flawless user experience from outside to inside a vehicle. 

As focus moved to Virtual Really, David works with solution partners understanding the needs from different industries, and leads key projects to build up enterprise Virtual Reality new applications for many verticals, including Medical, applications for Industry 4.0, building construction, architecture, aerospace design and training… 

Before devoting his work fulltime to HTC, David worked as consultant for Payment POS solutions, served acquire banks and major merchants across Asia Pacific regions, including China.

With rich knowledge of information security, and certified as an ISMS lead auditor, David worked as an enterprise security solution planner for Trend Micro Inc. David also devotes himself as a volunteer IT consultant for WorldVision to contribute his professional knowledge to several NGOs.

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